We're ALL M.A.D* Here

Podcast cover illustration

Client: Ayla Violet

February 2020

Tools: Traditionally sketched, digitized in Inkscape

Podcast cover illustration made for Ayla Violett for her new podcast titled “We’re All M.A.D* Here (*Making A Difference)”.

mockup of the podcast as mobile phone view on a mobile
Design mockup on mobile view.

The initial requirement was to create design that makes people feel empowered in lighthearted and fun illustration. Ayla referred me to my previous works which has celestial and whimsical feels, and requested to use blue and pink color palette.

I created two initial sketches. Both has “hands” that shows connection and protection. In concept number one, I used earphones to represent a podcast, and microphone in the concept number two. We proceeded to finalize concept number two.

Initial sketches for the design and it’s mockup. Proceeded to finalize the second concept.

illustration showing a text M.A.D in white and blue shades, two hands surrounding it with each has inside text we're all and here, a microphone in the bottom part with text making a difference.
Final Design for the podcast cover
mockup of the podcast as in browser view in a laptop and mobile phone view on a mobile
Design mockup on desktop and mobile view.

Words from Ayla:

Aftri’s creativity is outstanding. She was able to create a unique design that effectively communicated my creative vision and working with her was an absolute pleasure. The communication was smooth, and Aftri was always very friendly and willing to offer her expert advice.

She has an incredible eye for detail and provides thorough explanations of her creative decisions. She delivered every part of the project on time and I really can’t fault anything! I’m thrilled with the results, and I certainly recommend working with her if you’re looking for a friendly artist that creates beautiful and unique masterpieces.