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Bums, Bums! 🍑 Inspired by my 5 year-old nephew who loves to do butt shaking dance, The ABC of Butts is a fun illustrative lettering project about animal butts. This is an on-going project for 26 weeks, starting on 19 July 2019.

Follow the project in Instagram @abcofbutts where I will post one bum a week on Friday, and give fun clues on Mondays and Wednesdays!

Year: 2019 – on going
Project Instagram Page: @abcofbutts

Lettering spread with phrase "Elephant Butt, With a Tail to Hold Tight", accompanied by elephant family illustration.
An illustration of Flamingo Butt with quote "Looks like a pink flower"
An illustration of giraffe butt with quote "Makes you look up higher"
Illustration of Hippopotamus Butt with quote "Almost like a perfect round".

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