Video | Lettering Time Lapse | Strength In Letters

An image showing a black and white lettering on paper with phrase Strength In Letters.

This is a show note for YouTube video that I posted on January 31st. I showed you my lettering process from scratch in creating the quote “Strength In Letters”.

Goodtype, a lettering curating account, promotes the phrase “Strength In Letters” to celebrate the strength in the lettering community. I made this piece to join Goodtype Tuesday challenge in week 5 of 2019, and my piece was being featured in their Instagram page during the challenge hours.

You can watch the whole creating process in my video down below. There is no voice over in the video, but I had some pop-ups notes to highlight some stories about the process.

Enjoy the video!

Goodtype also featured these pieces I made during January 2019:

  1. Rise and Slay : Goodtype post, my Instagram post, my blog post.
  2. Stockholm: Goodtype post, my Instagram post.
  3. More Than Numbers, the lettering initiative I created my Flori Fama: Goodtype post, my Instagram post, my blog post.

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