Sad forever

Lettering Animation, artists collaboration

Collaboration work with Vallery Darmadji (@valster73)

November 2020

Tools: Inkscape, Apple Keynote, Apple iMovie


Vallery Darmadji (@valster73) is a lettering artist from Indonesia. Her work is mainly focus on monoline script lettering. I reached out to her to animate her script work inspired by Lauv’s song, Sad Forever. 
I used Vallery’s sketch as a base to create the digital monoline lettering, and then animated it all using Apple Keynote. Some stars animation were also created using Apple Keynote. All animations combined together using Apple iMovie. The final still image finalized in Inkscape.

A short teaser video for Instagram before revealing the final animation.

Final still image of the collaboration.
Details (1).
Details (1).
Vallery's sketch.