Rise and Slay

A lettering or Rise and Slay.
A lettering or Rise and Slay in different angle.

This is a show note and a bit of story for my second YouTube video in 2019, that I posted back in January 10th. In this video I show you my lettering process from scratch, creating the quote “Rise and Slay”.

Goodtype Tuesday

I made this piece to join the Goodtype Tuesday challenge. It’s a challenge by a lettering curating account called Goodtype. Every week, there will be a prompt delivered to us, either by email or posted via their Instagram page. We then created a lettering piece based on that prompt, and during 24 hours in Tuesday, Goodtype will share their favorite pieces either in their Instagram story, or to be posted in their Instagram feed. The prompt for the second week of 2019 was to letter our 2019 motto.

I’ve been wanting to create a mural for my home office, so I actually been looking for words/quote to letter for the the mural. However, since I planned my January to focus on this website and for my Etsy shop preparation, I decided to focus on mural in about the third quarter or 2019. Nonetheless, that Goodtype challenge came. As I already have a quote that I wanted to letter, so I just created it back then. For Goodtype, but also to have less things to worry about later on when I’ll be focusing on the murals.

Lucky me, my final piece got featured on their page 🎉🎉 I’ve been featured in their Instagram story for a few times back in 2018. However, this is my first time ever being featured in their Instagram feed. Such a milestone and a great start of 2019 for me 🤗

Now, I’m a bit nervous whether I can transfer it to become a mural. I have one square meter space that I have prepared for it. However, as my motto says, I’ll rise and slay the mural! Just wait for it!

Process Video

Anyway, I embed the video process down below. If it’s not showing somehow, you can visit the video here. I’ll post a new video in my Youtube channel every Thursday at 5 PM  West Indonesian Time (UTC+7). Make sure you’re subscribed and put on the notification, so you won’t miss them 😉

Thank you so much for watching/reading, I’ll talk to you soon! ❤️

Notes: This post is not sponsored by Goodtype. I just love to share about them as they play a big part of my self improvement this past year by following their challenges. I will share more accounts with such awesome lettering challenges that I follow in my later blog posts and videos too.

Another notes: As this website will be (or was) announced in late January, I will post recent stuffs as soon as I get everything synced here with my YouTube and Instagram activities. Thank you ❤️

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