My 2019 Goals

A collage of lettering showing Aftrisletter 2019 goals.

This is a show note for my YouTube video about my Goals for 2019, that I posted in January 17th.

Weekly Videos

The first goal that I want to highlight is to create weekly youtube videos. I want to share more lettering process, my thoughts and experience in my lettering adventure, and basically where this choice of career change is going to lead me to. I am on third video now, and there’s should be 49 videos more that will come until the end of the year. Let’s hope I made this, okay? Let’s be friends and keep me accountable.

Etsy and Patreon

My next goals are to have an Etsy shop and a Patreon page. I love the idea to expand my small business. I want to produce, package and ship things by myself. Basically, I’d love to put some bits of me in one package. It just feels more personal and genuine, than just putting my designs in print-on-demand services, which is the only thing that I’m doing right now to sell my pre-made design.

For Patreon, I promise you there’ll be a dedicated video for that. As for now, you can learn about what Patreon is by this link.


The next goal, is Murals! I really want to offer mural service. In order to do that, I need to practice first, right? I have some space in my home office that I had prepared to paint the practice mural. I was planning to design the mural next month.

However, the second Goodtype Tuesday challenge in 2019 was to create our 2019 motto (in my last video and blog post. I was in the vibe, so I just made the design that day! Now, it’s just the matter of transferring it to the wall. I’m so excited and nervous at the same time! I will put out a video for when it had happened.

Book Cover, Learning Languages and Travel

The other thing I want to be able to work on this year is a book cover. Not much to say about it for now though.

The rest of my goals are basically for self care. I love learning languages. I’m learning Swedish, and I want to be more advanced in it. I started to take Spanish lessons through Duolingo last year. It didn’t work well, so I want to get better in working it out.

Lastly, I want to be able to have at least one recharging travel this year. It was one vacation back in 2017 that took me out of the blue and led me to this lettering journey. So I feel that it is important to put a plan for this in my goal. Just a plan is already making me happy!

The Process Video

You can watch me talking about the goals while inking my lettering for them in my video down below or go to this page. I will post new video, weekly in my Youtube channel, every Thursday at 5 PM West Indonesian Time (UTC +7). I also post one minute of sketching video, every Sunday in my Instagram page, that I called #SundaySketching videos.

Thank you so much for reading/watching, I’ll see you next time!

Notes: As this website will be (or was) announced in late January, I will post recent stuffs as soon as I get everything synced here with my YouTube and Instagram activities. Thank you!

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