More Than Numbers​

“More Than Numbers” is a community initiative, created in collaboration with an Argentinian artist, Flori Fama.

The aim of the initiative is to remind ourselves as artists, that we are more than our numbers stated in our social media (likes, followers, views). We’re asking artists (and all kind of people) to view social media as a place to collaborate, meeting new people with the same interests, and to share our knowledge and experience.

We teamed up with Goodtype to spread the message through its weekly challenge, Goodtype Tuesday, on 22 January 2019. Almost 300 artists created their version of More Than Numbers in a course of 2 weeks.

Read more about the initiative and the story behind it in this blog post.

“More Than Numbers” prints and stickers (both mine and Flori’s) are available in my Etsy shop.

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