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This is a show note and a bit of story for my YouTube video on January 24th about “More Than Numbers” initiative for the lettering community.

Meet My Friend, Flori!

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First of all, I would like to introduce you to my friend, Florencia Fama. She’s a lettering artist and illustrator from Buenos Aires, Argentina. We’ve met through Perspective Podcast Facebook group, created by Scotty Russels of the Perspective Collective.

Me and Flori did an art swap back in September 2018, and from then on, we decided to do more collaborations together.

An image showing cats illustration from Aftri and Flori side by side.
An image contains drawing of J letters from Aftri and Flori side by side.

We came up with an initiative called “More Than Numbers” and we launched it on November 2018. A few weeks after that, we approached Brooke from Goodtype, if we can team up with them and spread out the initiative through Goodtype Tuesday.

We got our spot on January 22nd! 🎉

What is “More Than Numbers”?

“More Than Numbers” is an initiative to remind ourselves (me and Flori), to not get caught by our engagement numbers in social media. Such as likes, followers, how many comments, and such. We think that that kind of self definition is discouraging. We should never define ourselves by those numbers.

But well, it is so hard to swift our mind from it. As we know, it is always nice to get an instant gratification from social media.

Therefore, through this initiative, we want to keep reminding ourselves and everyone who feels the same way as we are, to focus on something else rather than those numbers.

An image showing the lettering with phrase More Than Numbers by Aftri Marriska.

Let’s Focus On:

Something such as:

  • Finding another like-minded creatives from all around the world. Like me and Flori. I’m in Indonesia, she’s in Argentina, we’re literally on the other side of the world. Wow!
  • Lots of things that going on the lettering community! Weekly challenges with awesome prompts that definitely will increase our skills in lettering that can lead us to the next point.
  • Job leads!
  • Focus on the people that share our works and credited them properly.
  • I can’t say enough about the awesome community.
  • Lots of free resources: tutorials, podcasts, online classes, finding mastermind groups (that I’m having with Flori now).

These are much more rewarding than just relying on our engagement numbers.

A self note to me too!

An image showing the lettering with phrase More Than Numbers by Flori Fama.

Goodtype Tuesday

I wished that Flori was here with me when we have our initiative being promoted by Goodtype as a challenge for their Goodtype Tuesday. However, we live in different countries and she’s currently having a vacation with limited internet connection.

Nonetheless, we were and still are so excited about the event. My video was recorded on Wednesday, January 23rd, while it was still Tuesday in the other side of the world. So we were still receiving many awesome works from many awesome people.

Even until now when writing this blog (February 2nd, 2019), I still haven’t caught up with every submission yet, even though I’ve been sharing everybody’s work since January 22nd.

Id’ love to share every work that you make in my Instagram stories, while connecting with all of you who joined us, personally by replying and commenting on your Instagram post. Yep, I have (make) time for that.

You Can Still Join Us!

If you just watched/read this, here, now, you might realized that it’s already a bit late to join the Goodtype Tuesday event. BUT, it’s never too late to join the initiative! All you gotta do is create a lettering with a phrase “More Than Numbers”, tag me and Flori in Instagram with @aftrisletter and @florifama, and use the hashtag #morethannumbers.

It doesn’t have to be lettering though, we welcome any interpretation. We’ll be super happy when you do and we’ll share your work in our Instagram stories.

Thank you so much for everybody who already joined us! You lovely people mean a lot and truly are More Than Numbers! Let’s rock this community together!


Flori Fama: Website, Instagram.

Goodtype: Website, Instagram, Brooke’s Instagram.

Scotty Russel: Perspective Podcast Website, Perspective Podcast Instagram, Perspective Collective Instagram.

Our featured post in Goodtype.

Our More Than Numbers posts: Aftri’s, Flori’s.

#MoreThanNumbers: Instagram Tags.

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