Branding FOR KERI by carripad

Logo and thank you card design

Client: KERI By Carripad

January 2021

Tools: Traditional for sketches (pencil and paper), Vector Work using Inkscape.

Design compilation showing logo and thank you card, and picture of face mask straps and pouches.
KERI By Carripad, a one woman owned small business in Indonesia that arose in the middle of pandemic. Their product is handmade beaded mask strap to be used along side the customer’s masks.
The client reached out for me the logo creation for KERI as well as a thank you card design that will be inserted in every purchase.

Logo Process

We explored 6 logo concepts, chose 2 for more exploration, then we came down to the logo that’s more classic and simple in a fun monoline style. In addition, we chose the final logo design to accomodate if the small business develop further into more products in the future.

6 different logo exploration for KERI by Carripad, hand sketched with pencil.
First Exploration - Pencil Sketches. Proceeded to do more exploration on the Top Left and Bottom Middle option.
2 styles of logo exploration with 3 different position for the text "by carripad"
Second logo exploration - Pencil Sketches, Font added in Inkscape. Proceeded to finalize the Top Right option.
Keri by Carripad logo. "Keri" is designed as monoline calligraphy style. "By Carripad" is positioned underneath, designed with Avenir font.
Keri by carripad logo shown in multiple stickers color variation.
Final Logo and Stickers alternatives. Vectorization done using Inkscape.

thank you card Process

The thank you card design process was done faster, as the client already using my past works as reference. 2 concepts were given before we finalized one for the front side of the card. As for the back side of the card, the client have seen my design for my own business and requested to use the exact layout. The back side of the card was design to accommodate client’s own handwriting of their customers’ names.

2 pencil sketches for thank you card. Both sketches showing the text "thank you" with illustrated florals frame.
First Exploration. Pencil sketch for 1/4 part of the pattern, then pattern created in Inkscape. Proceeded to go with the first option and to change the font into hand drawn lettering.
4 color explorations for the thank you card design.
Color Exploration. Proceeded to choose the Bottom Right option.
Front and Back side of the thank you card design.
Final Design for front and back side. Designed to print as A6 cards.

The Brand in Real Life

a hand holding and showing the thank you card
Thank you card, pouches and face mask straps. Photography by Aftri Marriska.