live and let live

illustration, lettering, poster design


Tools: Procreate app on iPad Pro

an outdoor advertisement box showing "live and let live" poster in a park with many falling leaves.

I was listening to my Disney Movie Soundtrack playlist when the inspiration for this piece came from one of the songs. This phrase “Live and Let Live” was taken from the lyrics of the song Someday by Eternal. The song itself is a soundtrack from the movie The Hunchback of The Notre Dame.

The movie is mainly highlighting the discrimination on human body. Though when I was listening to this song, I was also thinking about what’s going on in the world right now regarding discrimination in general. Not only on human body, but also on race, skin color, religion, gender identity and so many more “reasons to hate”.

How I hope that people can live together in serenity and compassionate world, and only seeing each other as fellow human beings. Just as the song means to me. Thus I created this serene and out of the world illustration to express my hope.

Scroll to the bottom to watch the drawing process of this illustration.

illustration details

a whimsical illustration contains text
a mini glowing spirit hovering under a purple hand.
a mini glowing spirit hovering a plant with orange colored leaves.
a mini glowing spirit hovering near a purple hand and under a pink leave from the pink tree.
two mini glowing spirit hovering near a purple hand.

public display

I created some mockups of the illustration to be displayed as outdoor posters in public.

I believe the phrase can deliver a good message in times like this.

mockup of the illustration on a large billboard attached to a contoured building.
Billboard sign on the building side.

process video