grow and glow

book cover illustration

Year: 2021

Tools: Procreate App on iPad Pro

mockup of the book with the illustration as the cover
The book mockup.

Book cover illustration for imaginary author with title Grow and Glow, illustrated in whimsical, colorful and playful style.

This illustration came up as I’m exploring a new illustration style that I can achieve using the procreate app on iPad pro. So, I played around the textures and lighting to create more 3D-ish effect to the illustration.

I also started to introduce the glowing mini spirits as characters that I will use more often in future illustrations, in addition to the eye plants and the hands.

illustration of mini glowing spirits flying over purple and pink plant, a big plant spread in the middle with an eye as its bloom, and a text
The book mockup.
details of the illustration showing a purple and a pink plant.
Detail of the plant.
details of the illustration zooming on the eye and the mini glowing spirits.
Detail of the eye.
details of the illustration zooming on the lettering
Detail of the lettering.

You can watch the process video here. In the video, I decided not to cut the part where I was a bit distracted into making a different piece (one with the border).

In the beginning, I also wanted to proceed drawing this illustration in fauxsaic style, but eventually I ended up with the final illustration style shown above.