36 days of type - 2021 series

illustration, lettering, packaging illustration.

Year: April-May 2021

Tools: Procreate App on iPad Pro 2020.

Combination of 26 letters and 10 numbers of the 36 Days of Type 2021 challenge.

36 Days of Type is an annual celebration of typography hosted by the Instagram account @36daysoftype. Artists are participating by creating their own interpretation on letters and numbers, and posting them daily in Instagram for 36 days.

This year, I’m taking two challenges at a time. The first was to create the letters and numbers with illustrative approach all around, experimenting on squiggles, texture and patterns. The second was to apply the finished design into a product mockup, such as food packaging, music album and murals.

My design for Letter U was featured on @36daysoftype instagram page on the letter’s designated day.